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Rade Stjepanovic


Welcome to my online portfolio

I am Rade Stjepanovic a graphic designer, web designer/developer and freelance artist based in Jacksonville, Florida. I design and illustrate print and web for independent and major companies looking to add a creative touch to their marketing materials.

I have completed a range of projects including corporate branding and identity design as well as marketing collateral for print and web. I work closely with my customers throughout each phase of the process to ensure satisfaction from start to finish.

Having recently designed, built and launched my first app, Either/Or, I am familiar with the challenges and rewards that a custom app offers. I encourage you to download the Either/Or app. It’s a fun app that can help you make simple, everyday decisions.

If you would like to know more about my professional skills, please feel free to download my resume.

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Either Or App

Download Either Or App

We all can have a hard time making certain decisions. "Should I either do this or that?" is a question that we often ask ourselves. Well, you can stop worrying about it NOW! This handy app will be there when you have weighed your options and still can't decide which choice to make.

Instead of hitting your head against the wall or arguing with friends while trying to decide if you should watch an action or comedy movie, buy the green or red dress, or have pizza or burgers you can let the touch of a finger decide for you.

Use the button below to download the app.